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Through creativity and close liaison with our labs, 06 combines the best compounds to meet the high demands of our customers

Home Care

home care

Cleaning and hygiene products mustn’t just be effective but also fragrant to compete. our Development of home care fragrances result in stable and long-lasting product excellence

Fine Fragrane

fine fragrance

Combining the perfumer’s art with our legacy of expertise and knowledge, will allow you to create distinct perfumes of depth and character of the highest quality

Air Care

air care

The increasing importance of room and air fragrance has lead our perfumers to create pleasing ambient aromas which are perfect for any environment

Personal Care

personal care

Personal products must reflect the special demands of consumers and scents must be blended elegantly, maintaining stability and be environmentally friendly


Just the fact that you are reading this makes us excited! If you have ever dealt with our industry before, you will have noticed the lack of awesomeness that saturates the web pages of such a passionate and vibrant field. By now you would have already realised that we treat this industry as the energetic and creative creature that it is.

We exist to invigorate the space between the lab and the scientist, the market & the consumer

We are as much about creativity as we are about Chemistry.

It is this ethos that has made us an industry leader

So if you want to do business with the creative guys behind the scenes (that’s us), or have any questions, feel free to pop in or drop us a line. We would love to tell you more about ourselves but we would prefer to do that in person..

Contact Info

Richard Owen (Director)
East African Division
cell +27 (0)82 821 2540
skype richard.owen48
Adam Owen (Director)
South African Division
cell +27 (0)83 297 4133
skype adam.owen87
Joan Owen (Director)
Accounting Division
tel +27 (0)11 234 8399
skype joan.owen.o6
James Merry
Accounting Division
tel +27 (0)11 234 8399
skype james.merry.o6
Nicola Merry
Fine Fragrance Division
tel +27 (0)11 234 8399
skype nicola.merry.06